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Supercharge Workflows 

Arrange apps in a layout suited for a one-screen-glance workflow. Intelligently sync information to show what you need when you need it. 

Features That Enhance Workflows


Drag and drop data from one app to another to selectively share context. Link apps together for automatic syncing across a group or all applications.


Save views of apps grouped together. Launch a view with synced information. With one-screen-glance, identify which path to take next to better assist the customer.


Reduce a full web-app into task-based micro-apps to maximize screen real estate. Keep your team focused on the specific features they need, when they need them.


Easily search and launch specific apps, views, and data all from one place. Save significant time by reducing redundant search across multiple applications.


Managers can create and distribute custom workflows and app views to their team to foster better process and deliver consistent results.


  Trigger a series of predefined workflow actions to automate the visibility of contextually-relevant customer data and take real-time action. 


Is StitchView really free?

Yes, simply download and sign up to get started. You’ll quickly see how apps can be organized & viewed to better optimize screen real estate and enhance workflows.

Do you offer training & support?

Get set up in no time. StitchView provides onboarding assistance and unlimited on-going end-user support. We’re available for questions Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. You can reach us at info@stitchview.com or +1-888-245-7820. 

Can we add applications into StitchView?

Yes, as part of onboarding we’ll work with you to incorporate all the apps you need to have in StitchView to make sure you get the most out of our solution.

Do you offer custom integrations?

With a StitchView premium plan we can incorporate custom integrations like phone systems, proprietary apps and automated workflows. Reach out to learn more – info@stitchview.com or +1-888-245-7820.